IP Camera Super-Client IP-Netzwerk Kamera Software

Mostly Unrestricted Installations:

Super-IP-Cam_427.exe   2009-04-11 IP+Serial-Addr., n.Audio, w.Reg-Nr.
Super-IP-Cam_457.exe   2010-07-14 IP+Serial-Addr., n.Audio, w.Reg-Nr.
Super-IP-Cam_527.exe   2012-04-24 IP+Serial+PNP-Addr., unrestricted
Super-IP-Cam_529.exe   2012-04-16 IP+Serial-Addr., unrestricted
Super-IP-Cam_531.exe   2012-07-24 IP+Serial-Addr., unrestricted
Super-IP-Cam_537.exe   2012-08-17 UIP/PNP-Addr. only, unrestricted
Super-IP-Cam_545.exe   2012-04-24 IP+Serial-Addr., unrestricted
Super-IP-Cam_556.exe   2012-07-10 IP+Serial-Addr., unrestricted

Below Zip Files may be extracted in any Directory, but function only if an
original installation of the 'Super-Client 427' has previously been made. Registration Key Info File is included. Some AntiVirus-Progs may identify
Dev-Find-Network-Scanners wrongly as suspected virus.

It's a Safe Site!